About me

I am a lecturer at the School of Informatics and Digital Engineering, Aston University.

Previously I was a lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton and a member of the Research Group on Computational Linguistics (RGCL), affiliated with the Research Institute of Information and Language Processing (RIILP).

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Wolverhampton, which I defended in 2021. As a PhD student, I worked on applying deep learning-based text similarity models for applications in translation technology under the supervision of Prof Ruslan Mitkov and Prof Constantin Orasan.

I serve as a program committee member of multiple conferences. I am also a co-organiser of the shared task on Hate Speech and Offensive Content Identification in English and Indo-Aryan Languages (HASOC) from 2021.

My research focuses on various aspects of machine learning driven approaches to natural language processing, with a particular interest in multilingual models and explainable machine learning. My work has diverse applications such as translation quality estimation, social media data mining, offensive language identification, information extraction and digital humanities.